Restaurang Hjorten & Gösen

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Hjorten & Gösen Bistro


Jerusalem artichoke soup with smoked venison tartare, herb oil, chips and chervil



Mushroom toast on butterfried sourdough bread, pickled silver onion and grated hard cheese



Main course

Baked celeriac served with fried chantarelles, black salsify crisps, browned butter créme, pickled root vegetables and roasted hazelnuts


Game Rydberg on venison from the forests of Sörmland served with classic accompaniments

Swedish sirloin steak with potato confit, lingoberry sauce, carrot purée and blackened savoy cabbage


Butter-fried pike-perch served with blackened parsnips, fried chantarelles and a Sandefjord sauce with rainbow trout roe and dill oil


Tonight's tip - varies from day to day. Ask the restaraunt staff what is this particular evening's tip




Lingonberry pannacotta with lingonberry crisps and crystallized chocolate


Créme Brulée


Tonight's piece of cheese from Jürss Mejeri with grape marmalade and seed crackers


Children´s menu

Children's burger on beef from Sofielunds Gård with cheese and fries


Pasta with homemade meatballs on beef from Sofielunds Gård


Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Talk to the staff if you have questions regarding allergens and special diets

- My idea about food crafts has always been to cook from scratch.

A great pride is that we cook and serve only beef from the owner Rolf Lydahl's own KRAV-certified farm, Sofielunds Gård and all the game we serve is hunted in Sörmländska skogar. I like to see a whole in my profession and from that I cut everything myself and always make sure to take care of the whole cattle.

We use as much as possible from my and the hotel's own garden and not to forget what we can pick from the nature of the forest. Mushrooms, lingonberries, blueberries, spruce shoots, etc. are incredibly fun to work out fantastic flavors with.

I hope your dinner will taste and warmly welcome us.

Jacob Andersson, Chef